In need of help starting out with a small business and overwhelmed with everything you need to put in place or to complete those small jobs around the office

Need help but everything is just too expensive and cash flow is tight.
Wouldn't you like an office manager that makes sure everything is running smooth and just a phone call away?

An office Manager that is not in your way but is never more than a phone call away 
We can help to file and search for fictitious business name to setting up your office.
No job too small or too big.

We can help with 
• Setting up your office
• Run background check on prospective employees 
• Helping pickup office supplies and post office runs.
• Electronic Filling and Scanning and manual filing also
• Mailing list and billing reminders.
• Business Trip planning
• Flight Reservation

Making sure everything is running well so that you can concentrate on the most important stuff building your business

Don't let anything slip through the cracks this is your dream to own your business we just here to help you achieve it.

Monthly billing we only get paid for the work we do, not for occupying a desk in you office.

You can contact us via email and we can give you more information about our services

We are here to service you and take care of those small jobs that get in the way of your main priorities. 

Contact us to set up a consult to help fill your needs

e-vERIFY certified

Adetronics is certified to help companies be complaint and make sure you are hiring documented workers.

Business Consulting